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So, we're RockSolid Performance...

Gordon Gilchrist

Gordy first started tinkering with 4x4s in 1979. That year, he built his first truck — a Toyota 2WD pick-up body on a Scout 4x4 frame. Gordy did all of the work himself at night, while working at his family's business, Gilchrist Construction. That's also where he met his wife, Patty. Patty liked to hang out at the shop with the boys, and she's still hanging out with us!

Around the same time, Gordy joined the Two Trackers, a local club based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, he met Bob Billings, who had been modifying Scout Dana 44s to install in Jeeps. Bob, being a tool & die maker, gave Gordy a lot of help learning the ins & outs of axle building.

Gordy later sold the Toyota to build a CJ-5. In 1982, Gordy and Patty were married, and the CJ-5 was sold to purchase their first house.

In 1984, Gordy built "Brush Buster", which started life as a Jeep CJ-7 with low-pinion Dana 44s and a Quadratrac transfer case, which he later upgraded to high-pinion Dana 44s and a Chevy drivetrain.

Also, in 1992, he rebuilt the whole Jeep using a GM IFS front end, motore & instrument cluster. That jeep was his first experience installing a computer controlled motor. He began installing more Chevy motors in jeeps, moving from throttle body motors to tuned port and now the LS motors.

Also in ’92 His family business was purchased by Kent Companies. Gordy and his brother Glenn were part of the deal so they went to work for Kent.

In 1996 Brush Buster was picked for the Four Wheeler magazine’s Top Truck Challenge, out in California.

During all these builds Gordy helped other Club members build their jeeps also. Gordy could be found nearly every night out in barn working on something for someone. He was building quite a few narrowed axles for friends and fellow jeepers. Gordy kept obtaining more equipment to help him build axles. Soon he was able to cut and spline his own axles in house.

In 1999 Gordy bought a Scorpion frame and began building a competition buggy. Gordy competed in rock crawls from Pennsylvania to Indiana for the next five years with that buggy. In 1999 he sold that Scorpion, stuffed it in a container and sent it to Poland. In 2000 the demand for his axles was growing, that’s when he located a supply of new factory Ford High Pinion Dana 60’s. Gordy could now build someone a narrowed HP Dana 60 for their jeep using nearly all new parts. In 2001 Brush buster was fitted with a set of High pinion Dana 60’sto go along with its new 6.0L Chevy motor. In 2004 Gordy bought a buggy cage (passenger compartment only) from Troy of Badlands Off-road Park. Gordy designed the rest of the frame and suspension. Also in 2004 Gordy and his brother Glenn left Kent Companies to start their own business, G2, Inc. G2 is growing steel and precast erection business, that he and his brother are operating. In 2008 Gordy with the help of Robert Billings started building Brush Buster II. Starting with a LS6.0L motor they began building a tube frame. The goal was to have a low riding rock crawler. A rock crawler that looked like any other jeep and could still put a factory top on for comfort. Brush Buster II was completed in April of 2010. Robert and Gordy spent many long nights during those two years to get Brush Buster II just right. It has now been in several competitions, usually winning but has come in second twice. 2010 the original Brush Buster was given as a wedding gift to Gordy and Patty’s Daughter Amanda. Their son Tom has been working on and building jeeps as long as he could walk. So as you can see when Gordy is not working, he is working on his or someone else’s jeep. He has built hundreds of axles over the years and dozens of engine swaps. 2011 Gordy and Robert Billings started RockSolid Performance. Their goal is to provide reliable, competent service to those in the 4x4 world looking to upgrade their drivetrains.

Robert "BJ" Billings

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