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Axle Resplining & Redrilling

RockSolid Performance can cut, turn & respline your stock axle shafts for $75 each. All work is done right here in our shop, and we offer a fast turn-around — usually just a couple days. Axle Resplining

We also stock Yukon 1541 & 4340 blanks for Dana 30s, 44s, 60s and Ford 9".

Axle Shaft Inventory

View our YouTube Video of an axle shaft being splined. (left)

Axle resplining complete. (below)

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Axle Shaft & Hub Redrilling

Need to change your wheel bolt pattern? We can also redrill your flanged rear axle shafts, or 1-ton (1998-2004) Ford Unit Bearing to a different wheel bolt pattern (a 2005-up jig is in-the-works). The most common size is 8 x 6.5", but any wheel bolt pattern down to 5 x 5.5" is possible. The photo on the right below is a 5 on 5.5" Ford unit bearing.

Axle Redrill Axle Redrill