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Custom Axle Assemblies & Axle Narrowing

"True-1-Ton" Jeep TJ & JK Bolt-In Axle Assemblies

Custom axle assemblies are our specialty here at Rocksolid Performance. Unlike many of the aftermarket heavy-duty Jeep front axle offerings on the market — which often use stock TJ or JK knuckles, bearings & brakes — our "True-1-Ton" JK True-1-Ton Axles Installed high-pinion Dana 60 JK High-Pinion Dana 60 Rear Axle axles use a late-model 1-ton Ford unit bearings (1998-2004) redrilled to your bolt pattern of choice, and 1-ton brake components. The most common wheel bolt pattern is 8 x 6.5", but any pattern down to 5 x 5.5" is possible.

RockSolid Performance "True-1-Ton" axles are a bolt-in option for your 1997-2006 Jeep TJ, or 2007-up JK. JK True-1-Ton Axles Installed The JK axles utilize tone rings front & rear that allow you to retain factory ABS, traction control & speedometer functionality. We even retain the use of your stock emergency brake!

"True-1-Ton" Axle Innovation at RockSolid Performance

JK High-Pinion Dana 60 Rear Axle Here at RockSolid Performance, we're constantly striving to develop practical, beneficial 1-ton axle options & solutions. JK High-Pinion Dana 60 Rear Axle Our latest innovation is custom machining 1998-2004 Ford F350 unit bearings to offer a bolt-on, full-float, 35-spline rear axle with integrated tone rings to allow full functionality of your factory Jeep JK ABS & Traction Control....along with a VERY low profile.

Build-to-Order Custom Axle Assemblies

While Jeeps hold a special place in our hearts — and garage — here at RockSolid Performance, we build, rebuild and narrow axles for all types of street & off-road vehicles. We can also change your passenger-drop front axle to a driver-drop, or vice versa.

We can build your axle using a stock high-pinion center section, Jeep JK High-Pinion Dana 60 Rear or you can select an aftermarket center section such as a Currie Iron Jock or Dynatrac.

Whether it's a rock crawler, mud truck, muscle car, street rod, or "weekend warrior" daily driver, we have you covered.

Contact Us with your custom axle needs, and we'll get you a competitive quote.

Jeep JK High-Pinion Dana 60 Rear

OEM Dana 44s for TJs & JKs

OEM Jeep TJ Dana 44 Front Axle
If you're building a milder rig, and don't want to step up to 1-ton axles, we do offer new factory Dana 44 front axles for Jeep TJs/LJs & JKs.

NOTE: Jeep TJ/LJ Dana 44 front axles are also a bolt-in upgrade for Jeep Cherokees (XJ) & Grand Cherokees (ZJ).